Midpoint is now live on Filecoin Hyperspace!

Midpoint Labs is Sponsoring ETHSanFrancisco!

Nov 01
Jonathan Zwiebel
ETH San Francisco promotional banner

Midpoint Labs is proud to sponsor ETHSanFrancisco — ETHGlobal’s largest in-person event ever! Join us November 4th-6th for a weekend of experimentation and exploration in the tech capital of the world. Don’t miss this chance to meet our team and collaborate with developers and creatives from around the world. Located at the renowned Palace of Fine Arts on the northern tip of San Francisco, hackers will be treated to inspiring views of the city and excellent food to match.

Midpoint Labs is offering $5000 in prizes!
Best use of a midpoint that runs a GET request.

🥇First Place $2,000 🥈Second Place $500 Endpoint ideas: Get token prices with CoinGecko, Get music data with Spotify, Read an email with Mailgun, Check a record with Salesforce, Confirm a signature with DocuSign, Get traffic data with Google Maps, Get housing prices with Zillow.

Best use of a midpoint that runs a POST/PATCH/PUT/DELETE request.

🥇First Place $2,000 🥈Second Place $500 Endpoint ideas: Post a tweet with Twitter, Send a payment with Stripe, Send a text with Twilio, Track an event with Mixpanel, Ban a user with Discord, Deploy a website with Github, Query blockchain data with Alchemy, Spin up a lambda with AWS.

What is Midpoint?

Midpoint is the easiest way to connect your blockchain application to traditional web endpoints. Midpoint makes it easy for developers to make any HTTP call from within a smart contract, without running any infrastructure and in one line of Solidity. Unlike traditional oracle networks, Midpoint allows developers to make requests with on-chain parameters, multi-step authentication workflows, and private off-chain data. Midpoint is natively multi-chain and can respond to requests across EVM chains. Every day developers use Midpoint to connect their contracts to new services and endpoints — ones that we (Midpoint Labs) — have never heard of. Learn more about Midpoint at www.midpointapi.com or read the docs at docs.midpointapi.com. For support with your hack reach out on Discord!

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