Midpoint is now live on Filecoin Hyperspace!

Midpoint Labs.

Enabling blockchain developers to make applications with real-world use and impact.

We believe that the next generation of consumer and enterprise applications will be built on a hybrid backend that combines the decentralized nature of the blockchain with the rich ecosystem of existing server-based applications. The blockchain is more than payments, lending, and DeFi - the infrastructure that powers it should reflect that.

Tech First

The blockchain is still a nascent space. The teams that build the core protocols and infrastructure that power it will take a technology first, sales/marketing second approach.

Ship Fast or Die

The biggest risk to an early-stage startup is running out of time before finding scalable product market fit. We would rather fail with intent quickly than meander slowly to death.

Hypothesis Based

There are correct and incorrect decisions. The likelihood of a correct one increases by proposing explanations, collecting measurable data, and revising those explanations.

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The Midpoint Labs team works in-person in San Francisco.

Jonathan Zwiebel

Founder and CEO. Previously Kargo, Meta, NASA, Stanford.

Daniel Taratorin

Founding Engineer. Previously Amazon, Mythic, NYU.

Michael Lorton

Software Engineer. Previously Google, Carbon Health, Outschool, Johns Hopkins University.

Jerusan Jegatheeswaran

Software Engineer. Previously Diffuse, KLDiscovery, University of Minnesota.

Jue Zhang

Software Engineer. Previously Prismo Systems, University of Arizona.


We’re hiring across technical and non-technical roles. Looking to join a high-speed startup?